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Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (VBI), a Commonwealth of Virginia shared resource established at Virginia Tech in July 2000, serves as a flagship bioinformatics research institute wedding cutting-edge biological research with state-of-the-art computer science. Used synergistically in a diversified research portfolio, these tools catalyze new knowledge and economic development for the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond.

The Institute's esteemed faculty and staff encourage research collaboration to increase the understanding of molecular, cellular, and environmental interactions that affect human health, agricultural systems, and the environment. By integrating experimental and computational laboratories, VBI provides a unique research platform to all stakeholders on a cost-recovery basis.

VBI's success as a new institute speaks to the power of interdisciplinary research and partnerships among academe, government, and industry. In three years of operation, VBI’s multidisciplinary research programs have leveraged a contract base of more than $43 million from National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Defense, and others. Research collaborations with IBM, Sun Microsystems, Johns Hopkins University, Incogen, the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, European Media Labs, Beckman Coulter and others highlight the quality of our research enterprise.

VBI’s dedication to research extends through its commitment to education and community outreach. VBI employs many graduate students from diverse programs, and is currently accepting applications for Ph.D. students through Virginia Tech’s Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology. In addition, VBI researchers mentor local high school students through High-School High Tech and VBI’s Undergraduate Research Programs.

VBI currently has two locations in Blacksburg, VA: Bioinformatics Facility on the Virginia Tech campus at the intersection of Washington Street and Duck Pond Drive and Research Building XV in the Corporate Research Center at Virginia Tech. Building on Virginia Tech’s strengths in engineering, computer science, biotechnology, and agricultural research, VBI benefits a vast clientele through cutting-edge research discoveries.


VBI’s mission reflects its core goals to:

* Make bioinformatic discoveries through cutting-edge research to improve the quality of human life;
* Develop core laboratory and computational infrastructures available to all stakeholders on a cost-recovery basis;
* Collaborate to transform biological data into useful knowledge through accessible state-of-the-art informatics tools and software;
* Educate and train the next generation of diverse, internationally competitive bioinformatic scientists; and
* Nurture economic development in Virginia and beyond.
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